The Armathora

Exploring the Capital

March 11th

The Armathora found themselves in Cormanthyr.

Torrin went to Shatterhammer Forge in the Stone District to get oil as a gift for their meeting with Kathra Fireforge. He also left materials and commissioned a custom shield to be picked up in a week’s time.

Satinka met Gideon Gold and asked for lessons on how to be cool, later meeting up with him at the residence of Alessa Cawthorne.

The group helped Lodric Bottlebrook get revenge on his brother Todric Bottlebrook.

The group met Alveriana Zalussia, and learned that the city was recently besieged by giants as a distraction for a Crimson Skull with Garnet Eyes was stolen. The group gained access to a network of teleportation pads and decided to head to the kingdom of Krydor to follow up.


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