The Armathora

Nar Eska (The Eternal Fortress)

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The last of the Mithril Fortresses in the mountains, as it was unique in its surviving the Shattering, Nar Eska stands as home of the Armathora, the Guild of Warriors, Mages, Clerics and Adventurers that seek to gain fortune, glory and honour in protecting the most powerful magical artifacts in the Realm. The Great Defenders are vigilant in their watch of the Evervault, keeping their main forces at Nar Eska, but smaller parties are sent out into the world to do good, restore balance and protect those who cannot defend themselves. 

The guild was founded from a rare and unlikely alliance between a Dwarf and an Elf early in The Second-Age of Myrithil. Both had fallen victim to the power of a dark, sentient artifact that left them without family or friends. Working together they were able to overcome the  nefarious magic and lock it away beneath Nar Eska, The Eternal Fortress. They then devoted their lives to creating the Guild of the Armathora, that they might spare others from the fate they’d known. The guild is one of the first instances of the racism and mistrust between dwarves and elves being torn down. 

To become an Armathor one must train long and hard. The Guild of the Armathora protect Nar Eska, the fortress set to protect The Evervault, which now contains many ancient and deadly artifacts.

The Guild takes contracts from those being plagued by evil forces, seeking artifacts to either wield or destroy or serving to protect those unable to defend themselves.

Grandmason Obediah Brittleshin

A surly old Cleric of Moradin, the Grandmason is in charge of keeping Nar Eska in perfect shape structurally. 

Faer’Gisir Alea Delmut

A middle-aged Elven Wizard. Alea is fair-tempered and patient. She is the assigned Magic-Defender of Nar Eska. 

Fritz Dandinell

Fritz is an experimenter/apothecary/alchemist. He is an eccentric gnome missing both Hans but with prosthetic, semi-mechanical ones to replace them. He sells potions, acids, and poisons. 

Dotti Dandinell

Tends the library at Nar Eska. Married to Fritz. She is as reserved and soft-spoken as he is the opposite. Grading hair with a soft voice and sharp memory. She tends the books with reverence and love. She has always dreamed of visiting the Library of the Tanar'ri. 


Phoebus Dallaris- Palladin of Torm is in charge of training new recruits

Gazane Delatorrik- Gold Dragonborn fighter in charge of training new recruits

Annalise Orletto- Human monk of the open palm 

Iron Shields

Arinith Tarmillis- A student of the arcane who desperately wanted to train at the Khov but was not accepted. Human with short, curly violet hair from misfired Magic. 

Delanik- A surly young warrior from the Thistleskin tribe of the Dharashan range. Bald with a bristly, scruffy beard

Gret- A smiling, boasting warrior from the Frostclaw tribe. Long brown hair tied back into a bun. 

Veruca Cawthorne- Daughter of Alessa Cawthorne, on the council in Cormanthyr 

Steel Shields

Darus Rufio- Grew up on the streets of Moraine. Black hair. Angular features 

Diela Finellin- Raised in Nar Eska. The Finellin family works of structural maintenance. Diela is a cleric of Moradin

Vistra Finellin- Raised in Nar Eska. Vista aspires to be a Mithrilshield, a status of Armathor only seldom achieved. 

Bertrand the Bold- A boisterous red-bearded man with an eye-patch (that seems to change eyes) He says he slayed a great kraken, saving all of Denarok etc


Raxxus deRennazan- A drow who escaped from the underdark and found an uneasy acceptance at Nar Eska as the Vaultkeeper

The Armathora

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