Skull Relics

Ancient Skull relics to be used in the resummoning of Vaecna
They are made of various materials with assorted gems in their eye sockets.

We know of 7 skulls which seem to be tied to the seven schools of magic. Armathora looked for all the skulls with the help of magic after helping unfreeze the Frostvale Elves

(Might be outdated)

1. Silver with Sapphire Eyes – Kriv the White, had a vision about it’s whereabouts

2. Ashen with Emerald Eyes – Currently stored in the Evervault

3. Gold with Amethyst Eyes – In the possession of The Khov

4. Crimson with Garnet – Lady Balmora took it

5. Translucent with Diamond Eyes – Surrounded by darkness

6. Ivory normal skull – on a small island in the middle of a peaceful pristine lake

7. Ebony with obsidian eyes.

Skull Relics

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